Thursday, May 7, 2015

What are passementaries?

Passementerie/Passementarie/pæsˈmɛntrɪ; French pɑsmɑ̃tri
noun (plural) 1. Decorative trimmings for a garment, as braid, lace, or metallic beads.

The simple trimmings for an elegant life ... 

As I look back at my life, it has always been a busy one, and often with me juggling many projects and answering to many people. There is something to be said to that trite old saying of, 

“Stop and smell the roses” 
Frans Mortelmans - 1865-1936
In July of 2012, new research from Rutgers University suggested that this old cliche is sound advice for finding satisfaction in life. A forthcoming study in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences suggests that appreciating the meaningful things and people in our lives may play an even larger role in our overall happiness than what was previously thought. 

 Many moons ago, I purchased a book, "Living a Beautiful Life" by Alexandra Stoddard ( See it on my Amazon Widget Recommendations), and it gave me so many ideas, and many I still practice today. It starts you in the habit of "rituals" (chapter one), and encourages you to have special accents to add to your daily bathing rituals, to writing letters on pretty stationary, reading poetry, and even buying a set of colored pencils to accent and make your own ideas and pictures through the book, itself. 

Sure - the book is rather simple, and possibly I could be accused of reading a "corny" book, but there are just bits of wisdom tucked here and there that make a difference in a day. 

In the last 15 years of my life, it seems as if I have forgotten to make time for those little "trimmings" in life that I use to enjoy. It's time to go back and claim those things that I loved. The best part of this is sharing these things with you, and most of all, I will have to practice what I preach - - and you, my readers, will keep me honest.  

My life will never be 100% elegant, it never has been. However, if we can make five minutes a day to bring some pleasure and elegance to our lives, then our "stopping to smell the roses," has been accomplished. 

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