Wednesday, April 5, 2017

We Had A Fairy Tea

After a very long and unusual winter, we finally celebrated the arrival of spring. We had a fairy tea. We are known for having an annual "Witches Tea," but this season the fairies came out to play.  

Photo by Passementaries

There were magical accents of fairies. 

Photos by Brianna Kirschner

The weather wasn't perfect, but it didn't stop the fairy bubbles from making an appearance.

What do you do at a Fairy Tea? You laugh.

Photo by Jennifer Gregory
You drink. 

Photo by Brianna Kirschner

OOPS! Someone forgot to bring the tea! 

Photo by Brianna Kirschner

You eat. 

Photos by Brianna Kirschner
You eat and drink some more. 

You receive tea party favors. 

Photo by Brianna Kirshner

And then you laugh some more. 

Photo by Jennifer Gregory

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